Damo Heta Series 2 90% Tungsten


  • $99.95

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We worked closely with PDC star, Damon Heta, to design his stunning second generation Harrows darts.

Damon was keen to stick with his signature front loaded profile, whilst adding some new design features to the barrel.

The front half is where Damon grips the dart the strongest and this comprises a variety of scalloped and ring cuts to his specifications.

The rear of the dart features 6 precision milled cuts, giving the dart a unique look and feel.

Damon's new darts are finished with a striking metallic red coating.

Damon Heta 90% darts are supplied with Alamo VS2 midi shafts, new 100 micron signature Damon Heta flights and are match weighed to +/- 0.05g.

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