Birds of Prey Osprey 80% Tungsten


  • $55.95

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Dart Set Includes

  • Ultra Durable Aluminum Shafts
  • Standard Dart Flights for maximum lift and stability
  • Tough Darts Case Included

‍Inspired by magnificent raptors, the Birds of Prey dart range brings the same deadly accuracy, stealth, and speed to the game as these great winged hunters. The precision knurl at each end of the Osprey dart creates a symmetrical centre-weighted design. Shark cuts span the no-slip centre. With push points in the front, mid and rear sections, this dart releases effortlessly from anywhere along the barrel. With a firm 5/5 talon-like grip, this barrel is here to dominate the game.

Complete with a pocket-sized case – perfect for keeping your darts in pristine playing condition.

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