Shot Celt Boudicca Steel Tip -90% Tungsten Barrels


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Rebel with a Cause

Lead from the front with majestic Boudicca. There’s a rebel inside us all – unleash it with wild abandon and show your courage under fire. This 90% tungsten missile-shaped front weighted barrel is treated in turquoise titanium. A regal nose features reference bands leading to a defined Rebellion grip. A raised Celtic cross creates a positive grip that won’t rip, followed by grooved micro steps for a home base. The smoother Iceni grip brings up the rear. If you throw from the back, Boudicca is the front weighted dart for you. Ride or die, but never submit. Lead your tribe into battle with pride – fight for freedom and your people.

SKU Weight Length Diameter
CBST-23 23G 48mm 7.2mm
CBST-24 24G 48mm 7.5mm
CBST-25 25G 49mm 7.5mm
CBST-26 26G 50mm 7.5mm

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