Shot Celt Druid Steel Tip 90% Tungsten Barrels


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Mist and Mystery

The highest-ranking and most learned among all the Celts, the Druid embodies the sacred soothsayer and seer of ancient Britain’s wild, mist-shrouded places. This 90% tungsten, pencil shaped barrel is wreathed in forest green over black titanium. A long curved, tapered nose features raised arrowhead Vs for clear finger placement. In the mid-section, a forceful Rebellion grip. At the rear, the ringed Alchemy grip with its V cuts overlaid with spirals – the perfect foil for Rebellion when rolling the darts in your fingers. Consult the inner wisdom of Druid before entering the fray, and you shall surely emerge victorious.

SKU Weight Length Diameter
CDST-23 23G 48mm 7.2mm
CDST-24 24G 49mm 7.4mm
CDST-25 25G 50mm 7.5mm

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