Condor AXE Standard Flights


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Integrated flight A new option for CONDOR Uses a special resin that is said to be a new material for the 21st century.

That led to the development of the hard CONDOR flight (It is a surprisingly expensive resin) Ultra-thin 0.4 mm blade section We create tapers and thick sections to make the resin flow more easily, but this AXE is all 0.4mm.  This is truly Japanese craftsmanship. Unprecedented elasticity and extraordinary durability. You can use your fingers like this. Even if you crush it, it will maintain a perfect 90-degree angle and return to its original state. This is impressive. It's heavier than conventional CONDOR flights. It's not something you can feel when you hold it in your hand, but some people can feel it when they fly a dart. The pleasant sound of the flights colliding. The first and second sounds of the flights colliding made Yuki Yamada, PDC player Jose, and others s`` Wow, that's really good. Just touch it.' ay to their opponents and other overseas players, ' The urge to hit the real thing is amazing (lol) Also, because the shaft has become harder, it is possible to aim in a different way than before. Conventional CONDOR takes advantage of its softness and can be picked up if you aim by putting it on top. That's a good point.

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