Condor Zero Stress Slim Flights


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ZERO stress impact!
Condor eliminates three types of stress that darts players have had until now.
Condor will surely give you a response that you have never experienced before.

Concept "Zero Stress"
integrated type (simple 2 in 1 type)
By making it a simple 2 in 1 type, the stress of wearing it is reduced to zero.
Since the flight won't come off during the game, you can concentrate on the game more than ever.

Screws are difficult to loosen.
*Be careful not to over-tighten, as the material is soft, so the screw threads may collapse if you over-tighten. there is.

Condor cut.
The unique shape (commonly known as the condor cut) created on the shaft reduces air resistance.
Since there is no connection between the flight and the shaft, it is easier to gather together when grouping.

The highly flexible material prevents screws from loosening.
The entire condor is soft, making it difficult to bounce and easy to group.

Bull rate increased.
by 4.76% Survey targeted at PHOENIX ratings 17-26. Calculated based on the number of balls that hit bulls when 100 balls were thrown at bulls with.
Condor and other company products (foldable flights and general shafts).
(Compared to our company)

Shape of flight part (standard, small, teardrop, slim)
Length of the shaft part (L: 33.5mm/M: 27.5mm/S: 21.5mm)
Made in Japan
Condor Flight is a registered design. [Registration No. 1457631]


Precautions for use 

(1) Do not tighten the screws too tightly.
If you tighten them too tightly, the threads may be crushed. Even if
you tighten them lightly; they will stay tight.

(2) Removing them from the board
Hold the barrel part and remove it from the board.
If you grab the shaft or flight part and forcefully pull it out of the board, it will damage the threads and shorten the lifespan.

(3) The buoyancy is increased by the CONDOR cut.
Let's release the extra force and throw.

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