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Eagle Claw Shaft Green Black with Ring


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Shot Darts Eagle Claw shafts are manufactured from a tough and durable polycarbonate material with a 2BA thread. The deep cut in the shaft ensures your flight can be pushed well down into the slot which means a greater contact surface. Shafts are fitted with additional ring to ensure a tight fit between flight and shaft during play and feature Eagle Claw™ icon.

Shot Darts Eagle Claw shafts are sold in sets of 3 and are available in 12 striking colours.

Measurement: Does not include thread.

Shaft lengths help to determine the way a dart performs, here’s a quick guide to help you choose what’s right for your throwing style.

Short Shafts tend to move the centre of gravity of the dart towards the front of the barrel, ideal if you hold the dart at the front end.

In-between shafts gives good balance to the flight of the dart and ensures that it hits the board at an optimum angle.  A complimentary balance between control and stability is what makes the In-between shaft so popular among players.

Medium shafts are the most forgiving length. Slightly longer than the In-between length, these are ideal for a player that wants assistance towards achieving maximum stability of their darts.


SM3675S 35mm
SM3675I 39mm
SM3675M 47mm