Michael Smith Believe 90% Tungsten


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Master true self-belief, built on having a dedicated team behind you, a global tribe in your corner, and the knowledge your gear will never let you down. Shot Dartisans have precision engineered a front-weighted version of PDC World Champion Michael Smith’s match dart of choice, in 90% tungsten – to celebrate the twenty years of hard graft and determination to reach the ultimate darts playing dream. The MSB signature laser is your seal of authenticity.

Barrel Design:  A smooth nose gives rise to alternating rings inlaid with red mill cuts, resulting in a multi-faceted grip with depth and smooth release. Precision-cut black rings in the center offer a push point; the secure grip feel doesn't lessen as the barrel diameter changes. At the rear, a clean tungsten finish with wide rings keeps the weight at the front.

Weight Length Diameter
22g 45mm 7.0mm
23g 47mm 7.1mm
24g 48mm 7.7mm
25g 49mm 7.3mm
26g 49mm 7.5mm

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