Shot Pro Series-Notorious BDG 90% Tungsten Barrels


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Notorious by nature
The Shot Pro Series "Notorious BDG" has been co-designed with Midwestern player Jason Watt aka Notorious BDG himself. With an assertive grip that puts you in the driver's seat, two subtle scallops define this straight-up barrel's design– providing a tapered rear push point and secure, weighted traction ahead of the centre. A refined barrel with a niche, with positive placement every time, no matter your grip or playing style. 
Barrel Design: A single groove on the sleek graphite nose eliminates slippage on this front-weighted dart. The grip profile has edgy razor cuts for 360° rotational symmetry; that's always the right side up. Platinum grooves encircle the dart length so you can run rings around your competition. Designed and made by Shot Dartisans in New Zealand. 

SKU Weight Length Diameter
JWST-22 22G 48mm 7.2mm
JWST-24 24G 48mm 7.4mm

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