Target Crux 03 SP


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Engineered for the perfect balance and performance, the CRUX darts range features a range of grip profiles to suit newcomers, enthusiasts, and professionals to reach new heights.

The CRUX 03 features a 90% Tungsten scalloped barrel with radial grooves for optimum grip for peak precision and performance with a natural finish for a timeless look.

Included with each CRUX 03 are short Pro Grip shafts, 26mm Swiss Points, CRUX edition flights, and a Swiss Point Tool.

  • 3 x CRUX 03 Barrels
  • 3 x 26mm Swiss Points
  • 3 x Short Pro Grip shafts
  • 3 x CRUX Edition Flights
  • 1 x Swiss Point Tool
Dart Weight Barrel Length Barrel Diameter Flight Shape Point Length Shaft Length Colour Code
22g 51mm 6.8mm No.6 26mm Short Silver 190239
24g 51mm 7.0mm No.6 26mm Short Silver 190240
26g 51mm 7.3mm No.6 26mm Short Silver 190241


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