Tribal Weapon 2 Series Steel Tip Dart Set Centre Weighted 90% Tungsten Barrels


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Tribal Weapon - Swift & Deadly

Prepare for battle with the Tribal Weapon.  Inspired by the ancient arts of Pacific and Asian combat, this dart is anything but old fashioned.  Designed for the experienced or competitive player, the Tribal Weapon has a grip like your father in law, to outsmart your rival.  The finest 90% Tungsten goes through hell - our intensive 7-stage process - to achieve its precision finish.  It's armoured with an ultra-durable, 1 micron copper titanium nitride coating, re-machined for strength and beauty.  If you're looking for a competitive edge, the Tribal Weapon is your weapon of choice.

Barrel Design: Hybrid pyramid & channel grip offers powerful & positive control.

Powerful laser engraved grip on steel tip points.

TWST-222 Centred Weighted 22gm 50.0mm 7.4mm
TWST-224 Centre Weighted 24gm 51.0mm 7.4mm
TWST-226 Centre Weighted 26gm 52.0mm 7.4mm

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